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The company EcoTech Sp. of o.o. Sp. partnership is established based on long experience of its employees in the design, supervision, implementation, commissioning and operation of various types of sewage and water systems and sewage treatment plants.

Being aware that our road to success leads through the use of modern technologies and to ensure full security of ongoing work, we set ourselves the strategic objectives, the implementation is our highest priority: incorporating the latest technology available worldwide treatment, ensuring the efficient, reliable and economical in operation solutions for wastewater treatment,

minimizing the burden on the environment of the work of installation,

maintain the high quality only through cooperation with market leaders in the manufacture of equipment for the construction of various types of sewer systems and water- sequential treatment,

ensure the shortest possible projects and respond to service requests of our customers.

Our goals are achived by:

continuous monitoring of their processes and implemented by our suppliers,

providing access to expertise and cutting-edge technology through:

- Recruitment of staff specialists in technical solutions environment, who gained their skills in Poland and Germany, thus supporting the team their knowledge and experience in the field of advanced technologies currently used in the world.

- To promote the experience and knowledge workers of the Gdansk University of Technology, with whom we work closely and a group of design offices and construction and building.

training of employees in the implemented quality management system and professional training to ensure their employees the opportunity to develop and satisfaction with participation in the success of the company,

motivating employees to identify with the company and to carry out their duties,

promotion through quality, as the company credible and effective in action knows how to address the toughest technical challenges in the industry,

conducting internal audits and management reviews by management to ensure the proper functioning of the quality management system and its improvement.

We are committed to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 and continually improving effective functioning of our company quality management system.

The Quality Policy has been announced in the company and shall be systematically reviewed in terms of relevance and timeliness. Responsobility for full understanding of the quality policy by all employees is on the Management.

Aleksander Stamirski
Lech Wilkoszewski

Contact details:

EcoTech Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
ul. Słoneczna 39 A, 83-021 Wiślina


tel. +48 58 344 83 83
fax. +48 58 344 25 04


e-mail: biuro@ecotech.pl

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